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A smooth touch for winter


It’s cold outside, the heating’s cranked up inside. It’s the perfect recipe for rough, dry skin and your hardworking hands usually suffer the most. Which is a shame when you’ve gone to so much trouble to do your nails! It’s time for a little extra pampering.


Hark back to an earlier era and wear gloves when you’re outside. They’ll protect your hands from those desiccating cold winds – and keep you warm as a bonus.


Keep a supply of hand cream in your hand bag and use it frequently. And when we say “hand cream” we really mean “hand treatment”. This is an excuse to be tempted by the smorgasbord of moisturising products designed to keep your hands soft and smooth.


Your hands will love the occasional “facial” using a gentle exfoliant too. If you have someone willing to follow it up with a hand massage, you’ll be in heaven.