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Four Nail Trend Predictions for 2016

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With 2015 finished, being the fashion-forward nail fanatics that we are, we’ve started to fantasise about what nail art trends are waiting around the corner in 2016. Last year was full of exciting new colours – we’re still not over Marsala, Pantone’s wine-hued Colour of the Year – intricate nail art designs, updated French manicures and more, so we’ve got high hopes for this year. Here are our top predictions for what awaits our cuticles in the New Year.

The Shattered Glass Technique

This one has been slowly bubbling under the surface in beauty blogs and on Pinterest for a little while, but we think it is going to absolutely blow up in 2016. Created by Korean nail artist, and all-round nail genius, Park Eun Kyung, the method involves layering up cellophane wrappers and sealing with a top coat to create a three dimensional look that really shines when light hits it, like shattered glass. We can’t wait to see this trend develop – we recommend a base coat colour that clashes with the cellophane for a high impact look.

Kintsugi Patterns

Kintsugi is basically a Japanese attitude that centres on embracing breakage and repair, particularly in pottery, instead of hiding it. In pottery it means fixing cracks and breakages with gold or silver “seams”, made from a mixture of the precious metals and lacquer. In nail art, as in ceramics, it looks delicate and luxurious. A base of our Ocean Queen and Clay Mask colours marbled together, with pretty lines of a metallic running through it (our Platinum Perfect is, literally, perfect) are all you need.

Less Is More – Minimalism Returns
Okay, so it never really went away but it’s been sort of on the sidelines for a while. Not anymore though, minimalism is going to make a big return for 2016, in the form of pared-back geometric designs and simple but bold colour choices. Think mini triangles, singular stripes, whites and neutrals with pops of colour to step up your minimalist nail game.

Coffin-Shaped Nails
Another trend that technically started in 2015, but is set to get huge in 2016 is coffin-shaped nails. Worn by Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and more, these nails are long, witchy and kind-of-creepy, but also kind-of-sexy. These long, sharp-edged talons are all about making a statement and we love them with a sparkly GlazeMe colour like Peachy Sheen and layered with gold embellishments.