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Nail Polish Shades and Trends to Wear this Spring

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Hurrah, spring is here again! And you know what they say about this season: it is a time of renewal, rebirth and, why not, the right moment to meet a new love. But to all the beauty-obsessed ladies out there, spring means one more thing: brand new beauty trends.

Here at GlazeMe we are constantly following the latest nail trends to bring you the hottest nail polishes every season, and let us tell you something: this spring you can literally nail every single trend with our shades. The only warning is that you won’t be able to stop at one.

We have rounded up some of the season’s most popular nail colours and trends to match your mood and outfits keeping your nails shimmering for weeks… and here they are:

Pretty Pastels

Candy colours are all the rage this spring and every macaron shade, from rose pink to baby blue and coral will add that last bit of finishing sweetness to your look. We created a pastel range especially for sunny days that you can experiment with, transforming any spring outfit into a fashion statement. Go for polishes, such as Skies Are BlueLimoncelloLagoonLavender Lust or Primavera and watch your fingertips blossom in the warm spring sunlight!

Bold Metallics

Chic & flashy metallics will never go out of fashion and this spring they are among the most popular shades to flaunt. Wearing them on an evening out or a special occasion might seem like the obvious choice however, nail artists encourage us to sport them from breakfast to after dinner. If you think metallic nails are too much for your morning meetings, go for glittering gold or silver tips or half moons on top of nude polish shades that will discretely complement any piece of jewellery you might be wearing. Try our Manic MetalPeachy SheenNougat or Platinum Perfect shades. You will simply dazzle.

Nude & Polished

Spring is a good time to embrace minimalism, and nails make no exception. This season feel free to wear nude nails, but make sure they are perfectly manicured. Naked shades are pretty revealing and any imperfection tends to show, so get a fancy mani and paint your nails in our Cherry BlossomFairy FlossGlass Slipper or Just Been Kissed polishes. Sheer perfection.

Minimalist Nail Art

Nail art is not dead (yay!), it just got a tad simpler. Whenever you want to go for sophisticated nails, try a “negative space” mani. This means leaving a part of your natural nail naked but framed in a bold, matte polish. For home-made perfection stencil with Scotch tape over the base coat and apply your colour of choice - a killer look to match with cutout dresses and tops that you can create with any shade you like (black and white is one of the hottest combos around, so let Snowflake and Tarmac Black do the trick!).

Ready for spring nails, pretties?

Author: Georgiana Candescu

usegeioganaa.jpg A true beauty maven, Georgiana Candescu is in love with everything that helps a woman wow any crowd. She writes for international online magazines and blogs, targeting female readers that have a common passion for all things beautiful. She loves to use her flair and knowledge to give women tips about the latest cosmetic and makeup breakthroughs. Every woman can reveal her inner diva using the right beauty products, and Georgiana will help you discover what you should use to add a touch of pizzazz to your look!