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Jewellery at your fingertips


You can wear rings on your fingers and bells on your toes, but what’s happening at your fingertips? With ten tiny canvases to work on, you may already know about nail art. But have you heard of nail jewellery?

Sequins, foils, glitter, gold leaf and glass beads are all being seen on fingertips. If you’re not planning a weekend landscaping your garden, try some fun with nail jewellery.  Go Googling for inspiration – there are some amazing designs out there.  Here are a few that caught our attention!

Vicky Picone in Skye Victoria.  Follow her on instagram nails_by_victoria GlazeMe polishes - #60 Babydoll, #63 Lagoon pinkies and #26 Snow Flake under the tiny half pearls in matching colours on the accent nails.


 Another by Vicky Picone in Skye Victoria.  Follow her on instagram nails_by_victoria GlazeMe polishes #06 All the Flowers & #18 Tarmac Black and accent nail with different sized pink rhinestones & pearls


 Here are some others we found on the WWW. 

Pretty pearls and pastels.  We especially love how the nail polish is light pink below the pearls and white on the tip of the nail above the pearls.


More detailed pastel dimante style, wedding nails perhaps?


Gold foil with accent nails


Not only are we impressed by the nail art in these, look how long the nails are!  So very 80's!  These are the kinds of nails you will find in the nail art competitions overseas.  Can you imagine how long they would take to paint?!

Nail flower art


Very European!


While you get used to handling the tiny pieces and working on small designs, it’s best to keep them simple. When you begin work, start with a thumb as thumb nails offer the largest space to practise on. Your decorative work goes on over your base coat and is protected with your top coat and it’s entirely compatible with UV gel polish.

Now you’re inspired – GO! Get glittering!