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OPI Nail Polish

A Cheap and Flawless Alternative to OPI Nail Polish

Known to give a flawless finish and a look that beats other leading brands, our UV nail polish has become a popular favourite across the market.

The hybrid-based formula is made up of a gel base that dries under the rays of a LED/UV lamp, setting it into a condition that allows for glam nails that last.

This cheap polish is a crowd favourite

UV gel uses a more complex technology and scientific formulation to OPI nail polish to give results that won’t quickly chip off. Although OPI gives a seamless look, UV gel is much more durable and designed to withstand your working day, running errands and daily wear and tear. Best of all, this option is ideal for those looking to achieve longer lasting shine and consistency.

GlazeMe gel polishes are designed with the health of your nails in mind. While sporting these products, no damage will occur to your cuticles or skin and will still allow your nails to grow easily.

For the best results, we recommend applying one thin layer evenly, to ensure wear lasts up to at least 14 days from application.

Get that salon look for less

Unlike some products that look and feel cheap, OPI nail polish offers both quality and consistency. For even better results, our variety of UV gel-based polishes are cost-effective, clean and designed on a commitment to quality. Alternatively, professional nail studios use our products to achieve an unbeatable look for their clients, allowing vibrant colours and styles that remain intact for an extended period of time.

Dabble with a bit of DIY

If you’re looking to experiment with nail art, our gel nail polish kits enable you to enjoy trying out the many variations and looks that you can achieve. Easy to remove and perfect for those that like to mix up their nails frequently, all of our products give you the chance to get professional results in the convenience of your own home or studio.

Looking to find out more? Get in touch with our team through the online contact form. Alternatively, head to our blog and ‘How to DIY’ page for handy tips on how to use our impressive range.

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