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Stamp your mark


You can create striking effects by stamping designs over your colour coat. And nail stamps work really well with UV polish.

Remember how much fun it was printing designs in bright poster paint on big sheets of butcher paper with a potato you carved yourself? If you never did this at pre-school, nail stamping can fill the gap in your childhood experiences. Just as satisfying. A lot more sophisticated.

Nail stamping kits consist of plates with designs engraved in them and an applicator that picks up the polish from the plate. You can be as subtle as applying white lace over your French manicure or pastel colour coat.


Or as bold and cheeky as tying a couple of bright complementary colours together in the one manicure. (This one from one of our VIP customers Vicky of Bella Belle Nail Courture.) Apply and cure your colour coats. Next apply your stamped designs and cure. Then finish off with your top coat as usual. 


Then go out and GLAZING!