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The lamp dilemma


Which lamp should you choose when you’re shopping for a new one – Premium or Travel? As long as you’re near an Australian power point (or have a power converter), your choice only depends on what you need from a lamp.

Need a quick cure? The Premium lamp is big enough to let you cure two hands at once if you lay one hand over the other. It has its own timer so when your 60-90 second cure time is up, it will let you know. But when you want to take your nail kit with you on holidays, this is the lamp to leave at home.




The Travel lamp is smaller so it’s really easy to pack when you’re – well – travelling. You still need access to a power point, and, being smaller it only lets you cure one hand at a time. It also takes a little longer to cure each coat and you need to keep track of the time yourself. But that gives you more time to sip your cocktail and watch the sun set over the palm trees on the beach!