Colour Descriptions 

We understand that it's hard to judge what a UV gel polish colour really looks like, so we have added the below descriptions to hopefully assist you with colour choices, in particular, judging colour opacity (how 'hard' or 'see-through' the colours are), along with the type of shine (pearly/metallic/glitter etc).


01 Cotton: Opaque white nail polish for use with French tips

02 Glass Slipper: Semi-translucent neutral polish with a slight blue pearly shine

03 Nougat: Opaque light coffee coloured polish with a pearly shine

04 Cherry Blossom: Semi-opaque neutral soft ‘baby pink’ polish

05 Dragonfruit: Opaque bright pink-tangerine-coral polish

06 All the Flowers: Opaque hot pink polish with a blue pearl shine

07 Raging Redness: Opaque metallic dark pink polish

08 Hot Fiesta: Opaque ‘fire engine red’ polish

09 Moulin Rouge: Opaque metallic maroon polish

10 Black Plum: Opaque ‘almost black’ purple polish

11 Desert Dusk: Opaque dusky pink polish

12 Pink Pearl: Opaque light pink coloured polish with a pearly shine

13 Fairy Floss: Semi-translucent pink neutral polish with a pink pearly shine

14 Latte-Licious: Opaque ‘warm’ cocoa coloured polish

15 Regal Red: Opaque metallic dark purple/maroon polish

17 Peachy Scheen: Semi-opaque metallic peach coloured polish with a gold pearl shine

18 Tarmac Black: Opaque black polish

19 Hard Candy: Opaque ‘musk stick’ pink polish

20 Starlight: Clear polish with glitter particles

21 Red Carpet: Opaque mild metallic red polish

22 Flirt: Opaque ‘bubble gum’ pink polish

23 Just Been Kissed: Clear polish with a slight pink tinge

24 Midnight Violet: Opaque mild metallic dark purple polish

25 Wildberry: Opaque red-y pink polish

26 Snow Flake: Opaque white nail polish for use with French tips (slightly less opaque than Cotton)

27 Twilight Glow: Clear polish with large sparkle particles

28 Satin Ribbons: Semi-translucent white polish with a slight pink pearl shine

29 Evergreen Envy: Semi-opaque metallic emerald green polish

30 Ocean Queen: Opaque metallic violet polish with a blue pearl shine

31 Clay Mask: Opaque dark grey polish

32 Platinum Perfect: Opaque silver metal polish with metallic shimmer

33 Featherlight: Opaque light grey polish

34 Mushroom: Opaque creamy mushroom brown polish

35 Sterling Shimmer: Clear polish with tiny silver glitter particles

36 Gold Rush: Clear polish with tiny gold glitter particles

37 Burgundy Bliss: Opaque metallic deep burgundy polish with silver glitter particles

50 Pink Flamingo: A dazzling and vibrant pink

51 Purple Haze: An iridescent pearly purple

52 Bellflower: Taken from the beautiful Bellflower.

53 Hello Sailor: Navy blue nail polish

54 African Violet: The fabulous shade of an African violet

55 HMAS Teal: Unique shade of aqua - blue

56 Cinderella: Swimming pool blue

57 Caribbean Mist: An exotic light turquoise shade

58 Sunflower: A fresh and playful sunny yellow

60 Baby Doll: Opaque pastel pink polish

61 Primavera: Opaque pastel peach polish

62 Limoncello: Opaque pastel yellow polish

63 Lagoon: Opaque pastel aqua polish

64 Skies are Blue: Opaque pastel blue polish

65 Lavender Lust: Opaque pastel lavender polish

70 Mango Martini: Opaque deep bold orange polish

71 Frollick with Me: Opaque deep bold pinky red polish

72 Manic Metal: Opaque metallic gun metal grey polish

73 Orange is The New Black: Opaque neon bright orange

74 Sublime: Opaque neon green polish

75 Grape Expectations: Opaque grape purple polish

76 Pink About It: Opaque pink polish

77 Hot Tamale: Opaque red polish


French Manicures Tips

Both Cotton and Snow Flake are great to use for french tips. The only difference is that Cotton is a slightly more opaque/thicker white colour. For the french base, our favourites are Fairy Floss, Glass Slipper and Cherry Blossom.