Removal & Acetone

100% pure acetone is used to remove our UV gel polishes (common nail polish removers only contain approx 70% acetone and does not work in removing UV cured polish). For details on how to use 100% acetone in the removal process please see our How To Use UV gel polish section.

Block Buffer - Pink

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CND Cuticle Away - Cuticle Remover (177ml)

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SteamOff Gel Polish Remover

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SteamOff Gel Polish Remover KIT

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Foil Removal Wrap Pack (100)

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Pure acetone - 125ml

Now  $8.33

soak off gel nail removal clips

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Gentle Tone - UV Nail Polish Remover - 125ml

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CND Rescue RXx

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CND Solar Oil

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CND Solar Oil 15ml

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CND Solar Oil 7.3ml

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Cuticle Pusher

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Pump Dispenser

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