LED UV Curing Lamps


Make sure you get the best results! UV polish is nothing without the right curing lamp. Conventional polish requires air drying or even heat lamps to harden the polish. UV polish requires ultraviolet light to ensure a correct application and proper curing process. Without the right lamp or hardening technique, the integrity of the polish is compromised.

With proper application it is expected that glazeme can last upwards of two weeks without chipping. Compared to regular nail varnish which can often suffer chipping and dents almost instantly, glazeme is a stronger composition allowing for a much more durable finish. As well as being long lasting, glazeme offers a salon shine often only achievable through full acrylic nails.

Our Products

We offer two types of LED UV lamps to cure and set your beautiful UV polishes. A fast high performing 54 watt variation for those who want optimal results, and a smaller 24 watt version - perfect if you are just starting out.

Premium Lamp

Our premium nail lamp is more powerful than regular models. The extreme 54 watt power of the premium product can dry a coat in less than 30 seconds. This quicker drying time means you spend less time worried about smudging and more time out showing off your nails! The premium lamp is offered in a white finish so your DIY set up will still have a professional salon feel. The opening of the lamp is the perfect size to allow either your toes or fingertips to dry. A versatile product and must have for those who love to show off their nails.

Standard UV Lamp

Perfect for beauty on the go, the 24 watt lamp offers a quick 30-60 second drying time and convenience in one compact unit.  Due to the LED technology the globes do not need replacing, making the UV nail lamp a life-long investment rather than a one off purchase.

Having your own lamp will allow you to chop and change your nail style, colour and design as often as you want without worrying about expensive salon costs! Browse the GlazeMe collection today.

Premium 54w LED UV Lamp

Premium 54w LED UV Lamp


GlazeMe 24W UV lamp

GlazeMe 24W UV lamp


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