Selecting the Right UV Lamp for curing Gel Nails

Recently, a substitute of acrylic nails has come up – they are the gel nails. These do not harm your natural nails in anyway. Gel nails are available in two types- one which does not require a UV light to be cured. They are also known as non light gels. The other kind is the one which requires a UV light. The ones that can be treated with the help of UV lights are commonly used by people because the finishing is much better, they look good when applied on the nails and they last much longer than the other nail gels. One of the important elements is the UV light which is used by most of the salons and nail spas.

Points to consider when you buy a UV lamp

If you want to have a good finish of the gel nail paint, it is advised that you use a UV lamp in order to treat your nails. If you research, you will find a large variety of UV lamps for curing gel nails available in the market. Certain points that you should keep in mind while purchasing a UV lamp for curing gel nails.

  • Check the quality of other products produced by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer has a goodwill of selling products which associates with gel nails, then he has a better chance to provide you with a good quality UV lamp.

  • If you purchase a whole kit of gel nails, then you may get an UV lamp along with it as a part of the kit.

  • Wattage is very important for a right UV lamp for curing gel nails. Choose the right wattage; otherwise the lamp will be of no use to you. For this purpose, you can take advice from your friends or colleagues who have good knowledge regarding this matter. The minimum wattage necessary to cure gel nails is 24-36. If you have to purchase a 36-watt lamp, 4 bulbs of 9 watt each will be ideal for you.

  • If you want to lessen the time of curing the nails, then you can opt for heavy wattage lamps as well.

  • Before you decide to buy a UV lamp for curing gel nails, you should have a fixed budget. Your decision should also be influenced by other factors – like the time you would like to spend on each customer to cure the gel nails and the standard of your spa.

  • You will come across UV lamps which are manufactured to cure the nails of the feet or the hands only. There are some UV lamps, which are used for hands as well as feet. It is up to you as to how much you want to invest.

  • Some UV lamps for curing gel nails have sensor fitted to them. This helps you to fit a particular time to cure the nails and it will be switched off automatically after the set times elapses. This will help you to concentrate on other work.

To conclude

It is very important that you do a meticulous research before you select a UV lamp for curing gel nails. Be sure about the type that will benefit you if you purchase it. Proper and regular maintenance of the lamp will last it for a longer time. Keep in mind not to stare at the light for a long time; it will harm your eyes.