4 Easy Tips to Make Your UV Nail Polish Manicure Last Even Longer

There’s nothing quite like a fresh UV nail polish manicure. It’s shiny, chip-free and resistant enough to last for upwards of 14 glorious days. But what if you could make your gorgeous UV nail polish last even longer? That’s right - it’s possible. We’ve got 4 amazingly simple tips that’ll help you effortlessly extend the life of your gel manicure!

Let’s get started…

1) Protect Your UV Nail Polish

The easiest way to keep your UV Nail polish looking perfect for longer is to protect your hands. While gel manicures can breeze through everyday tasks that your ordinary polish can’t (i.e. typing a long email to the girls about that hot date last night), anything as laborious as cleaning or gardening can weaken the polish and cause premature chipping.

Sure, it’s a great excuse to avoid the washing up, but you can still get stuck into the dishes (sorry!) as long as you wear a pair of plastic gloves. The same goes for gardening or working with harsh cleaning agents, like bleach. Protection is key.

2) Moisturise and Condition Your Hands

What’s the point in showing off a beautiful manicure if your hands aren’t up to scratch? Keep them looking their best by applying a rich hand cream throughout the day and dedicated cuticle oil at night.

A cuticle oil, like our fave California Magic Mango Cuticle Oil will expertly hydrate your cuticles and nail plate to prevent dryness. Why is this so important? Dry, unhealthy nails will cause your UV nail polish to crack and chip, ruining your perfect manicure prematurely.

3) Choose Light UV Nail Polish Colours

Let’s face it, even with the most expert application and all the care in the world, chips do happen. If you know you’re going to be giving your hands a real work out soon after your manicure, consider selecting a light UV nail polish colour. The lighter the colour, the more forgiving it’ll be on imperfections. Glitter is great for drawing prying eyes away from chips or scuffs and right back to the bling.

4) Don’t Pick at Your Polish

We know it’s tempting, but DON’T pick at your polish. Not only will this accentuate any cracks and imperfections in your polish, but it will also cause damage to your natural nails. By weakening your nails, you’re creating a poor surface for your next gel application. This will result in a manicure that will chip faster next time around. Grr!

If you MUST remove your UV nail polish, just grab a bottle of pure acetone and follow our easy DIY UV nail polish instructions . Trust us on this one.

By following these 4 simple tips, you can get the most out of your next UV nail polish manicure. Now get out there and show off those fab fingers!

Stay Polished,

The GlazeMe Team.