Beauty Kit: 5 Essential Beauty Items for Gorgeous Hands

You don’t have to break the bank to flaunt gorgeous hands. You just need the right hand care products in your beauty kit!

Come winter, temperatures drop and our skin tends to feel drier than in summer (no, our faces are not the only ones to suffer, hands do, too!). On top of this, nails tend to exfoliate and break easier. But before you panic and run to the nearest beauty store, make sure you understand exactly what your hands need. They will be perfectly fine with 5 essential items.

The Critical Cuticle Oil

Cuticles, the fine skin that covers the base of the nails, are extremely delicate and prone to dehydration and breakage. Cuticle oils are especially formulated to keep the area around the nails hydrated so, in case you don’t have a bottle already, it’s time to get one! It absorbs quickly, and ideally it should be applied on a daily basis to fortify the nails, as well.    CND solar oil, or California Magic Mango Cuticle oil are a must-have!

The Oh-So-Useful Base Coat

Your nails need to be protected at all times, especially during the colder season. The base coat prevents the nail from exfoliating and breaking, and also helps manicures last longer. Look for a base coat that contains Calcium or Vitamin E to fortify and protect the nails at the same time. Before applying nail polish, always apply one layer of base coat. Pro tip.

The Rich Hand Cream

Hydration is key, and your hands and nails will highly benefit from a luxurious cream with nourishing effects. Your best bet is a cream containing jojoba, coconut, olive, apricot kernel, or grapeseed oil, natural ingredients that nourish and repair in depth. You can also go for Shea butter, glycerine and cocoa butter creams that coat and protect the skin.

The Luxurious Hand Mask

Pamper your hands with a hand mask at least once a week! Yours should contain olive oil, honey, aloe vera, rose water or almond oil. It is important that you let it soak in long enough to benefit from its active ingredients and enjoy silky smooth hands.

The High Quality Nail Polish

Beautiful hands require an impeccable manicure. And an impeccable manicure requires a high quality nail polish. Choose your favourite shade from the 59  GlazeMe UV colours (we’ve got everything your heart desires, from nudes to dark as night shades), and wear it in style. A pretty nail polish will be the jewel in your beauty kit.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the 5 must-have hand products, we can only say: “enjoy shopping!”.