Guest post: The Many Cures of a Good Manicure

Author: GlazeMe  

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a chronic nail biter. My fingernails, forever poised at the edge of my mouth, are cracked and short, varying in shapes and sizes and repulsiveness. One of the best ways to fix the habit of biting your nails is to get a manicure. Giving your nails a good makeover forces you to admire them instead of ruining them by chewing them down to their nubs.

Once your nails are looking shiny and clean and normally shaped, pick up the best summer shades at and it’ll simply hurt too much to even think about biting your beautiful nails.

In case you still need some convincing, here are a few surprising benefits of a good manicure.

Disease prevention
You normally don’t look at your nails and think, “I hope I don’t catch any nail diseases today”, but you totally should. It’s almost summer, so chances are your hands are going to be exposed to the world. You don’t want to show off your newly contracted fungal nail, do you?

Getting regular manicures means keeping them clean, thus cleansing them of any germs or infections you might contract throughout the day. You’ll also have a professional manicurist paying close attention to your nails, letting you know of any abnormalities that might occur.

Social Cohesion
Getting your nails done is usually a social outing. Women get together and head to the salon, sitting alongside one another while the manicurist works away on their nails. During that time you can’t deal with business or work, so you can allow the stress of these responsibilities melt away. Spending this time chatting with your friends increases social bonds, giving you time to air grievances, seek solutions to your problems and just ease tension through talking.

New York Magazine points out that professional women working high paying jobs would often meet at the nail salon to discuss dealings and bond on a superficial level. This might be the equivalent to a questionably casual “lunch” your boss has invited you out for, right after you successfully closed an important deal.

As such, manicured and painted nails could well become a sign of professionalism among women. We ought not to discriminate those who don’t get their nails done, but at least we know the ones with a manicure don’t have fungal nail diseases. 

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