The verdict on Glass Nail Files and why they’re a manicure essential…

Author: GlazeMe   Date Posted:14 September 2016 

A good nail file is an essential tool for achieving a perfect, professional looking manicure or pedicure.

Unlike traditional nail files, such as Emery Boards or Steel Files, a Glass File will leave the edges of your nails smooth and flake-free!

What most people don’t know is that you should only file in one direction with a traditional nail file to avoid leaving them vulnerable to splitting, peeling and chipping. By filing in both directions with a traditional nail file, the friction is basically shredding your nails, leaving the edges jagged and coarse. However by using a Glass File, it will seal the edge of your nail, leaving them perfectly smooth and catch-free no matter which way you file them.

The benefits of a glass nail file don’t stop there. They are long lasting and durable; not wearing down like a typical file. This changes them from a throw away item to a trusty tool that will last a year or more, if taken care of. Another important benefit is that they are easily washed and sanitized. They are non-absorbent which allows all of the nail debris to be removed – perfect for a Salon!

So the verdict is in – a Glass Nail File is a must have if you desire silky smooth, perfectly capped digits!

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