Tips To Cap Your Nails Like a Pro and Clean Up After Polishing For That Perfect Mani

Author: GlazeMe  

If you are looking for the best way to achieve perfect nail tips or want to find out the best way to clean up after applying nail polish, then this is the post for you!

How to Cap Your Nails

Applying polish at the end of your nails is a great way to ensure that your nail polish lasts longer as it protects the edges of your nails and prevents the polish from chipping away.

There are many ways to finish off your nail polish application with a protective cap on the edge of your nails, but doing it the wrong way can leave you with uneven lumps at the tips or under the edge of your nails.

To cap like a pro, when applying each layer of polish (including Base & Top Coats) always leave a small amount on the brush. Apply this to the tips of your nails at an angle until the entire edge is covered.

How to Clean Up After Polishing Your Nails

If you are well practised in applying polish, then you will not have much of a mess to clean up but there will usually be some tidying up required to achieve perfect results. UV Nail Polish application requires a clean up between each coat, before curing under the UV LED Light. Once that baby is cured, there is no undoing any mistakes!

You will need:


A brush (GlazeMe Nail Brush Kit available online $17.95)

Isopropyl Alcohol ($14.95 from

Note: Do not use any acetone based products as this will start removing the UV Polish.


Dip your choice of brush into the Isopropyl Alcohol and ensure there is no excess liquid dripping from it before you start using it.

To remove any excess polish or correct mistakes, gently slide your brush along the target area until a perfect finish is achieved. Both cleaning up and creating clean lines between your cuticles and the polish’s starting point on your nails does require some concentration and precision but practice makes perfect and it makes all the difference to the end result!

Once all the clean up is done and your nails are cured, it is advisable to apply some cuticle oil and a hand moisturiser to keep them hydrated and healthy. Check out our range of Oils and Moisturisers at

Caring for the health and welfare of your nails and using the correct tools is paramount to being perfectly polished, so try out our tips today!