How to Prevent and Treat Brittle Nails

healthy-nails.jpgBrittle nails? No, thank you. Not a fan. But still, if you’ve got them don’t try to hide them. Treat them instead! They may reveal a small internal problem or aggressive external factors that are damaging your nails. Finding out the cause is pretty important and it allows you to flaunt beautiful nails again. Shall we try to figure it out together?

Brittle nails that break and chip easily might be a sign that your body needs more calcium, minerals and vitamins, and apparently this affects mainly women (around 20% of the Planet’s inhabitants are facing this issue). Try to include more nutrients into your daily meals, and watch the state of your nails improve considerably. Eat foods that are rich in magnesium, iron and calcium (eggs, green vegetables, nuts, spinach, fish) and vitamins B6, A, D and C (kiwis, bananas, honey, almonds, carrots). These yummy products will not only give your nails a health boost, but they will also help your body, skin and hair to look better.

A great way to prevent brittle nails is to avoid the excessive use of metallic files. Yes, we all tend to overuse them (sigh), but sometimes we use them in a brutal way, ignoring the damage they can really cause. Remember to always file in one direction, avoiding going back and forth lest your nails should break. Tip: don’t file your nails right after you have had a shower. They are soft and pretty vulnerable, and you will only risk breaking them even more. Using cleaning products which contain harsh chemicals is another cause for brittle nails, so put on those rubber gloves now! You can add to the list prolonged sun exposure (your skin will also thank you if you get in the shade), low temperatures and humidity (swimming or excessive dishwashing).

Nails need constant care, just like your hair and skin do, and trying to find specific products for brittle nails is one great idea. Hydrating your nails every day is a must, and a fantastic method to maintain their beauty and health is using a rich cream with glycerin and vitamin E - great sources of hydration. You can also start using a nail strengthener with proteins and Vitamin B. Apply it in one coat on clean and degreased nails, and expect harder, regenerated and more hydrated nails after some weeks.

If you are the DIY type of girl you can have fun at home creating a quick nail mask. Mix some drops of honey with an egg white, and keep the mask on your nails for 15-20 minutes then wash away with lukewarm water. Another cheap and great idea is a paste made of honey and lemon juice which you need to massage into your nails with circular moves, stimulating blood circulation in this area. Last but not least olive oil is an old trick, having lots of benefits on nails and skin alike.

Be persistent because results don’t happen overnight. But when you finally have amazing looking nails, you will know it was all worth it!