Layer for a luminous effect

Colour is what you see when light bounces off a surface and when you layer colours you get some amazing effects. Painters know this and sometimes use layers of colour, rather than mixing colour to produce paintings that seem to glow. That’s exactly what happens when you layer colours on your nails. The light travels through the top coat and reflects back from the layer below.

What colours should you choose? Generally, use an opaque colour as your base and layer a semi-opaque above it. Metallic varnishes like Stirling Shimmer and Gold Rush look fabulous over solid colour. So do combinations in the same region of the colour spectrum like Moulin Rouge and Fairy Floss.  Check out our colour chart and colour descriptions to choose for yourself.

We will start inspiring you with our colour combination of the month. Naughty & Nice is our August creation.  When you come up with something you really like, show off by entering our Colour Combination Competition. You’ve got until the end of August.

So, unleash your inner artist and try layering.  Glaze, Set, GO!