Seven Great Tips on Nail Care

We all dread bad hair days, but how do we cope with bad nail days? Ever had days when you would have killed for a pair of pockets just to hide your cracked and split nails? We all have.

Glazeme Nails

We care a lot about hair and skin, but sometimes we tend to neglect our nails, forgetting what an important business card they are for us. Start paying attention to your nails today and follow these simple tips to achieve perfect-looking digits:

  • Use rubber gloves each time you wash the dishes or use cleaning products! The chemicals contained in the cleaning products literally attack your nails, causing them to split and break easily. Keep your hands safe, and hopefully you will get a dishwasher for Christmas!

  • Use a hydrating nail and cuticle cream every time you wash your hands. I know you’ve heard this a million times before, but do you actually do it? Ideally this should be done to prevent nails and cuticles from getting really dry. If you prefer, instead of cream you can use some drops of olive oil which is a great moisturizer.

  • Cuticles are a great barrier that protects against bacteria and fungus. Push them back gently with a cuticle pusher and trim the dead skin, but don’t overdo it because it may affect the nail bed.

  • Help your nails with Vitamin B7, a water-soluble B vitamin known as “biotin”. It is great in the treatment of brittle nails, helping them grow stronger and look healthy (this sounds like music to our ears!). If your daily diet doesn’t normally include biotin-rich foods such as broccoli, liver, bananas, sardines, salmon or egg yolks try taking biotin supplements and start flaunting glamtastic nails.

  • If your nails are very soft, warm up some olive oil in a cup and dip them in for 15-20 minutes or even more (the longer the better). This 100% natural remedy is more efficient than any nail mask you may buy in shops so repeat this every 2-3 days and feel your nails get stronger.

  • Filing nails is such a feminine gesture and since you love doing it, try to avoid using rough files. They can create small cracks or fissures that will eventually cause your nails to break. Choose smooth ones and file slowly and evenly in one direction only. Sawing nails back and forth is a total beauty no no!

  • Massaging oil into the cuticles will help the nails as well, reducing the chance of cracking and chipping.  This is especially helpful in the case that your nails break easily. This is a sign they are too dry.

Give your nails the TLC they need and deserve. Then start showing them off and be ready for all the compliments you will get!